Why Does My Travertine Have Holes and What Should I Do About Them?

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One of the most frequent questions we are asked when in homes is about travertine and their holes. To put it simply, thats the way travertine is made. Travertine naturally has holes. They are created when fresh water runs through the stone. When taken from the quarry travertine has a honeycomb or swiss cheese look to it. Most customers do not realize that this is how their travertine came from the earth because the are prefilled in a factory before being sold. Over time and wear the stone will start to pit. The factory filling can come out and holes can start to form. 

Now that we know why, the next question is what to do about them, Some people choose to leave the holes unfilled. This is called unfilled travertine. However, if filling the holes is something you are interested in you need to find someone who has experience. Filling travertine is an art. We first start with a simple travertine filler. Next we must find a dye to match both color and also texture. Once that is filled, we grind the excess filler off and then polish to match the travertines shine. At Texas Floor Restoration we include roughly 10-20 holes included in our price. If there are more holes we will price accordingly. 

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Tips and Tricks to Travertine

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                                                                 Travertine in your home can look stunning and the center piece of design. Travertine also takes some upkeep. Here are some tip and tricks for keeping up with your travertine floors.

1. Always Seal Travertine

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Let's Talk Travertine

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Travertine is a natural stone that develops around mineral spring deposits. It is a type of limestone that has a unique and beautiful appearance. Travertine gets its color from extreme temperatures and precipitation. It can be white, red, yellow, orange, or brown. Travertine was first used in The Temple of Concord in 121 BC. It is an extremely striking and distinctive addition to any home. 

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Removing an Acrylic Wax from Travertine

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Removing an acrylic wax from travertine can be a daunting task. First of all in order to get yourself in this situation most people hire the wrong compnay to come out. Even in the largest homes around Houston, The Woodlands, and Belaire homeowners find themselves in this predicament. These companies use a sealalnt that coats the floor usually with a water based wax. Although the floor looks shiny and new when they leave, over a couple weeks the travertine starts to look dingy. After this you are forced to call Texas Floor Restoration. The wax needs to be stripped off the travertine. The travertine also needs to be ground down, polished and sealed the proper way. Do not find yourself in this position. Call us the first time, It will save money, time, and a huge headache.

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Texas Floor Restoration specializes in concrete polishing and services the greater Houston area. Including The Woodlands, Conroe, Tomball, Spring, Cypress etc.


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Texas Floor Restoration has a new look! Check out the new Texas Floor Restoration website at www.TexasFloorRestoration.com!

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