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How long will my floor hold up?
This is a difficult question and the answer depends on many different variables. All floors are different, but for the most part the floor that we work on will be restored to its new state; how long it will stay that way depends on many separate circumstances. For example high traffic areas and areas that are under extreme conditions such as water, direct sunlight, or subject to grease/acid are going to need attention sooner than others.

Why do I need to seal my floor?
Whether completing a new floor installation or restoring an existing floor, it is always important to create a surface that will remain looking its best for as long as possible. Any natural stone is porous and so without adequate protection it will absorb spilled liquids which will stain. Sealing the floor creates a barrier between your floor and most harmful spills. All stone surfaces should be sealed in order to protect them and in some cases in order to enhance their natural beauty.

What is your sealing process?
We use a method described as the top off method. We first saturate the floor to make the sealer penetrate as deep as possible into the floor on the first coat. Then the floor is assessed to determine if another coat is needed. This takes an expert eye to determine if another coat is needed or not. Please contact Texas Floor Restoration to have a consultant come and asses your floor.

How do I maintain my floor?
Every floor is different and therefore the process of how to maintain them is unique to
each one. Your T.F.R. consultant will give you a detailed instruction on how to maintain
the beauty of your particular floor after your service is completed.

Is there a maintenance package that you offer?
Yes and your T.F.R. consultant would love to go over any details with you about it. We have both a 3 year and a 5 year package at a discounted price.

What type of warranty do you offer?
We do not per say have a certain warranty; we do however stand behind our work. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our work we guarantee that we will make you happy. Customer satisfaction is our specialty and we can guarantee a happy customer every time.

Why wont the water spots on my marble or travertine clean up?
These are not water spots,they are an etching in the surface of the stone. This is a result of an acidic substance coming in contact with it. Contact Texas Floor Restoration and we can remove any “water spots”.

Is the overall process messy and/or dusty?
No there is absolutely no dust from the grinding process due to fact it is a wet grind.

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