Grout and Tile Cleaning 

Grout and Tile can be notoriously difficult to keep clean. Continuous mopping, scrubbing, and spot cleaning just does not cut it. There has to be another way.At Texas Floor Restoration we take pride in our unique and sometimes unorthodox ways of getting the grime and dirt out of your floor. Whether it is ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone they all need a unique approach. For example, if a customer has a concrete based grout that has efflorescence coming through, a steam machine or a high pressure rinse would make this problem far worse by opening up the pores. Most people assume grout and tile cleaning is just running a high pressured steam machine on their floor, but sometimes it is not that simple. At Texas Floor Restoration we try to find the specific solution to your specific floor problem. We understand not all grout and tile are the same.

Problems We Come Across On The Job For Porcelain And Ceramic Tile:

GROUT HAZE ON PORCELAIN & CERAMIC TILE-  Grout haze is usually caused by grout not fully being wiped from tile after installation. This is solved using specialty chemicals, brushes, or pads.

HAZE IN THE PORCELAIN & CERAMIC TILE-  Haze in the tile is usually caused by a chemical reaction due to grout being removed from surface of the tile after installation. Haze can also be caused by chemicals and sealers, to fix this can be very difficult and takes an expert.

GROUT DISCOLORATION- Grout Discoloration can be caused by many things but most commonly caused when grout was first being mixed with water (to wet or to dry). It can also be caused by drying to fast in some areas or a chemical reaction. In order to fix this problem we must neutralize the floor with chemicals and maintain the PH balance.

WAX SEALER ON PORCELAIN & CERAMIC TILE AND GROUT- Porcelain and ceramic tiles should never be sealed with wax/topical sealers. The wax never bonds correctly to the tile and absorbs deep into the grout.This can often times be devastating to the floor. When removing the wax from the tile it will easily come off the tile but be difficult to remove from the grout. When particles of old wax are left behind in the grout it will act like a magnet to dirt,this leaves homeowners with not only a dirty looking floor but also a costly procedure as the wax must eventually be stripped off. Stripping the wax can also open the pores in the grout. If you have a company that even mentions a wax sealer; STOP! Do some research and call an expert.

EFFLORESCENCE IN GROUT- Efflorescence is usually caused by moisture trapped beneath tile. Water could come up through the foundation or caused during a flood. Efflorescence looks like white salts coming through the grout, or could look like hard calcium deposits in the grout. Over time, if not treated, it could cause the grout to deteriorate. We have many tools that we use to treat efflorescence. A compressive estimate will need to be performed to determine the best route to take in treating the tile.

 OVER POLISHING PORCELAIN & CERAMIC TILE- Due to the various new porcelain and ceramic tiles that are on the market, there is not an all encompassing answer to treat the different types of tiles. When porcelain or ceramic are over scrubbed, or incorrect chemicals are applied the result can be disastrous.

 MOLD AND MILDEW ON PORCELAIN & CERAMIC TILE AND GROUT- Mold and mildew can be caused by moisture under or on top of the tile. Just like any mold/mildew it needs a dark warmer place to grow. For this reason we usually see spots in bathrooms and kitchens. Mold and Mildew can cause illness and/or irritation and should be removed with specialty chemicals as soon as possible.



-We have an advanced heat and pressure machine that has vacuuming capabilities. Included with the pressure machine we also use an alkaline cleaner that breaks down dirt and solubles. This method has some pros and cons but is by far your most economical choice. When using high pressure heated water you run the risk of opening up pores in the grout. Many times companies with try and use this type of cleaning with porous floors such as Travertine or Saltillo. This is a huge mistake and over time will destroy the natural stone. With ceramic and porcelain (non porous) this method is a cheaper and easier way to get the tile sparkling.


-Chemical cleaning is the most gentle and effective way to clean and remove dirt and stains. This method is more complex and needs a skilled tech to decipher which chemicals are needed and the education to know how to apply. Chemical cleaning for tile and porcelain is used to remove mold, mildew, grout haze and remove wax sealant.


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