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Travertine Restoration Services

Travertine, Limestone, Marble, and Shell stone are all calcite stone floors, but at the same time they are all so different each and every one of these tiles need their own special attention. Even though you can categorize all the stones as calcium bass, does not make them the same. At Texas Floor Restoration we give each one of these floors the special attention they deserve in the Houston, College Station and surrounding areas.

Has Your Travertine Lost Its Luster?

It's time to have your floors looking their best. I know you paid a lot of money for your floor and you want it to look like it and right now it doesn't. If you call me I can make your Travertine floor look its best. We will also let you Know what type of Restoration is best for your travertine. Travertine has become more and more popular in the past few years so I focus a lot of my attention on every aspect of travertine restoration like cleaning, and what is the best way with out hurting the stone and how deep can you grind a travertine or what is the right type of sealer or which sealer is the best.   

What's Different About Our Company

One thing that makes our company different is that we believe that any floor can be waterlogged especially travertine that's why when working on a floor we have a two man team working at all times one man on the vacuum and one guy on the buffer. By keeping the floor dry during the process we are able to seal the floor the same day and the sealer does a better job on a floor that's never been waterlogged along with other problems.

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Each floor is unique. We give our customers competitive industry pricing with incredible results. Feel free to call or email our offices and we can get you pricing same day.