Floor Cleaning - Floor Polishing - Floor Grinding - Floor Sealing

Cleaning- Removes dirt, stains and bacteria as well as waxes and polymers that have become embeddedin the stone Over time all floors need a deep clean, this is perfected by our technicians.

Seal- Whether completing a new floor installation or restoring an existing floor, it is always important to create a surface that will remain looking its best for as long as possible. Any natural stone is porous and so without adequate protection it will absorb spilled liquids which will stain. Sealing the floor creates a barrier between your floor and most harmful spills. All stone surfaces should be sealed in order to protect them and in some cases in order to enhance their natural beauty.

Polish/Hone- This is the finish of the floor; each customer has a different preference and it is our goal to finish your floor the way that you prefer. The difference between a honed and a polished finish is the level that we polish; if it is between a 300 and 800 this is considered honed where as 1800 and up is considered polished. We can always give a recommendation but ultimately it is the customers preference Diamond Hone/Grinding-

Diamond Grinding -This is a process whereby the floor is grinned by a heavy rotary machine and grinned or honed with special diamond pads.This is an extremely skilled task which requires patience and experience.

Strip- Often times a floor can have an abundant amount of wax buildup or other type of finish that may have left your floor looking dull or filmy.To solve this problem the floor must be stripped. This is a process that consists of a chemical that is worked into the floor to break down the finish. This may need to be done multiple times. It then needs to be neutralized and scrubbed with a specialty scrub brush and rinsed with water. Fill Holes- One problem that owners of travertine floors have are the holes that they come with or are created over time. We have a special filler that can match very close to the color of your travertine and not only disguise the holes but make a more even surface. 

Your Floors Our Showroom

At Texas Floor Restoration we understand that your home is more tham just a place to live, its an investment, an expression of who you are. You've paid special attention to every detail in your home and you want it to look its best at all times. 

At texas Floor Restoration we understand yout needs. Thats why we pay special attention to every detail in your home. We use the latest techniques and products. We strive to be the fastest, and friendliest service on the market, and provide you with the professinal stone and tile detailing service your home deserves.

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* These are pricing guidelines and not “set in stone” prices. For an accurate estimate please contact us.

*Each floor is different and these prices may vary according to circumstances. Location and accessibility are large factors in pricing. Prices are negotiable. Pricing is based on a 1,000 sq. ft. job. Minimum charge of $800.00. If additional rooms do not meet the $800.00 minimum then a set up fee of $175.00 will be added.
Cleaning  .75¢ per sq. ft
Seal  .75¢ per sq. ft
Polish/Hone  .75¢ per sq. ft

Diamond Honing/Grinding

(Typically floor needs 2-3 sets of diamonds)
 .75¢ per sq. ft


(typically floor needs to be stripped twice)
 .75¢ per sq. ft
Granite, Marble, Cultured Marble Countertops  $225.00 per single
 $275.00 per double
Fill Holes  Hole pricing will be determined depending on size of hole and quantity.